Advanced Tidal Energy Systems InfraTidal’s modular, open-flow, Wing Rotor tidal generators are the core of our Advanced Tidal Energy Systems. These complete Tidal Power Stations include the energy storage  modules and power control and conditioning technology for  secure, reliable, independent power. Guaranteed, Continuous 100% Renewable Energy Gravity driven tidal flows are cyclic, frequent (6 hour cycle  for diurnal tides), not weather dependent, and entirely  reliable they can provide continuous 100% renewable  energy with guaranteed availability. Small, Known Energy Storage Requirement As tidal flows have a 6 hour cycle and can generate power  of ~4 hours each cycle, only ~2 hours energy storage  capacity is required to have continuous 100% renewable  energy with guaranteed availability. Energy Delivery Options InfraTidal’s Tidal Energy Systems can supply power in  various formats (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, DC/AC,  50/60 Hz, 120/240 V) either as transportable stored energy  (skip/barge) or cabled (LV/MV) supply. Microgrid with Power Control and Qualty InfraTidal’s clean energy systems can include microgrid  regulation of  demand-following power that has ‘vector’  controlled frequency, voltage and phase. Reactive power to support local mini-grid ‘stiffness’ can also be provided. Cost Comparison - Tidal v Solar/Wind v Fossil  
Tidal Energy Systems Guaranteed 100% Renewable Energy providing Continuous Uninterruptible Power from small, known energy storage capacity with energy delivery subsystem options, and microgrid power control and quality capability
Modular scalable systems Containerized global delivery Minimal site construction Easy remote area installation
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Easy Installation 
Guaranteed  Availability   of Power & Water for Sustainable Local Food Guaranteed Energy and Fresh Water from a Tidal Energy System with RO Desalination can enable a Sustainable Local Food supply.
Guaranteed Fresh Water  - via Reverse Osmosis   Desalination Options Guaranteed Availability of Energy from Tidal Energy Systems and reverse osmosis desalination can Guarantee Fresh Water supply.
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