Cost Comparison - Tidal v Solar/Wind v Fossil           
Tidal Stream Power Station 100kW Module
Torres Strait Tidal Power Station 
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InfraTidal Pty Ltd manufactures Open Flow (no dams) Tidal Energy Systems and will install and maintain tidal current renewable energy power stations on behalf of tidal power station investors. InfraTidal has comprehensive capabilities to design, manufacture, construct and  install, commission, operate and maintain Tidal Current Power Stations wherever  suitable flowing water resources are available - including fast rivers. InfraTidal can provide tidal current power station operators with comprehensice  training or alternatively operate and maintain power station facilities providing an  attractive investment option for ethical investment fund managers and investors  intent upon realizing gain from changing power markets, carbon credits and the  other new revenue streams associated with greenhouse gas emission avoidance.
Modular Tidal Energy Systems able to provide -  Continuous 100% Renewable Energy with  Guaranteed Availability (24hrs 365 days/year) which are  Environmentally Benign providing marine life habitat.
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