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Strong Currents and sediments  Tidal turbines can slow fast tidal currents which carry sediments  that reduce light and smoother sea grass beds and coral reefs. Tidal powered Accelerated Natural Climate Recovery  ANCR  ANCR reduces ocean acidity while removing atmospheric CO2 and producing clean zero emission H2 fuel with - EnGen Institute
CURRENT July 2016 - InfraTidal starts work on new partnership agreement with Tidal-Hydro to develop100% renewable grid power. Feb 2016 - InfraTidal’s Community Power  development partner Torres Tidal Pty Ltd secures a Letter of Intent from Alice Queen Pty Ltd to provide renewable energy for their startup gold miner Kauraru Gold on Horn land in Torres Strait. RECENT July 2015 - InfraTidal commences operations as a tidal current power station equipment manufacturer. June 2015 - HydroGen Power Industries Pty Ltd restructures into a tidal current power station project management company and changes its name to Torres Tidal Pty Ltd (www.torres- Sept 2014 - Mining Recession delays development of Tidal Stream power trials for two remote Australin mining companies.
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