Grid Limits Tidal v Solar/Wind v Fossil
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As weather-effected renewable energy sources (solar, wind) are intermitent (literally: ‘fitful, subject to abrupt change”) they destabilize power grids. There are limits to the destabilization that power grids can tolerate before they exceed their control limits. Consequently there are well known limits (under 30%) to the amount of wind and solar power that can be added to a power grid. This already limits the ‘grid penetration’ (percentage of grid power) possible with these renewables.
The nett result of connecting unstable, intermttent renewables (solar, wind) to power grids has been to ensure the ongoing need for fossil fuel generation to provide reliable, stable power. There is now an alternative, the availability of reliable, non-intermittent renewable energy (tidal, geothermal) which can provide 100% relewable energy with guaranteed availability.